The biography for this website, I think, should be a photographic one and not a windy diatribe about my somewhat long and very lucky personal life, Thus: As a small child I knew my father and his mother were photographers and I remember the darkroom in our cellar. I've since gone from Kodak Brownie, Hawkeye, and Pony through Miranda, Minolta, Leica, Rolliflex, Konica, and Olympus to present day Canon digital SLRs. The interest and awareness were there from early years on but the passion has increased a great deal in recent years.

Each of us photographs what we see as noteworthy, important, beautiful, or awesome. I focus my lens on "X" excluding A-W and Y&Z. For years my "X" has been outdoor scenes - usually animals, birds, and landscapes but also flowers, churches, lighthouses, and more.

This website is created hoping my focus, my "X", is one you find special too - that what "fills my eye" fills yours also. Hopefully this website will let us have a shared focus on worthy, important, and beautiful things "Scene Outdoors." If that's true please don't hesitate to let me know. Enjoy.

Henry F. Kielblock
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